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[[MyHDL 0.7]]

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MyHDL 0.7

Requirement: Python 2.6.

New features, done in development:

  • deprecated compiler package → ast package to prepare for the future.
  • shadow signals and applications
  • better support of list of signals in always_comb
  • doc strings in output, both “official” and other ones
  • new options to control Verilog output
  • docstrings to conversion output, both official and non-official ones
  • support for ternary operator in conversion, requires VHDL 2008 within processes
  • use __index__ method to use Signals and intbv's directly for indexing
  • function attributes as an alternative to magic variables in conversion
  • function attribute to request an instantiation, to make hierarchy support much easier
  • Decide which new Verilog options to keep, add support for VHDL if applicable: custom header
  • re-evaluate initial value for intbv

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