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 These pages document the MyHDL Enhancement Proposals (MEPs) and their status. These pages document the MyHDL Enhancement Proposals (MEPs) and their status.
 +MEP stands for MyHDL Enhancement Proposal. A MEP is a design document
 +providing information to the MyHDL community, or describing a new
 +feature for MyHDL. The MEP should provide a concise technical
 +specification of the feature and a rationale for the feature.
 +We intend MEPs to be the primary mechanisms for proposing new features,
 +for collecting community input on an issue, and for documenting the
 +design decisions that have gone into MyHDL. The MEP author is
 +responsible for building consensus within the community and documenting
 +dissenting opinions.
 +MEPs are maintained on the MyHDL wiki page. The page history resembles
 +the development history of the document.
 +Main responsibility of a MEP lies with its author. Before opening a new
 +MEP, its idea should be discussed on the MyHDL mailing list.
 +In the development phase, the MEP gets the status "Draft" assigned.
 +Fully developed and provided with a functional implementation, the MEP
 +can get the status "Final", documenting that the content of the MEP is
 +ready to be implemented into MyHDL.
 +The right to change the status of a MEP from "Draft" to "Final" belongs
 +exclusively to Jan Decaluwe.
 +Once the MEP has the status "Final" and its content got added to the
 +source code, the MyHDL version will be added to the MEP document. From
 +this time on, the text of the document will be frozen. A "Final" MEP
 +should not be changed, except for spelling mistakes or language
 +corrections from a neutral proofreader. It is intended to document the
 +MyHDL development history for experts. The MyHDL language documentation
 +for users is in the [[|manuals]].
 +In case the functionality described in a MEP needs to be altered or
 +extended, a new MEP shall be created, describing the new desired
 +implementation. The new MEP will live through the same steps as the MEP
 +process describes. The new MEP should cross reference the MEP its
 +implementation is based on.
 +In case the new MEP will replace an implementation of an existing MEP,
 +the old MEP will achieve the status "Deprecated" as soon as the new MEP
 +achieves the status "Final". Both MEPs should cross reference each other.
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