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    def stimulus():
        The following is a basic testbench to stimulate the CIC filter
        and create some plots.
        ysave = [0.0] * Nfft
        favg  = np.zeros(Nfft)
        xfavg = np.zeros(Nfft)
        xs    = np.zeros(Nfft)
        yield clk.posedge = True
        yield delay(10) = False
        yield delay(10)
        for ii in range(Nloops):
            for jj in range(Nfft):
                xs[jj] = float(x)/L
                if dvo:
                    if y == 0:
                        #Prevent any log(0) errors, startup zeros
                        ysave[jj] = 10.0**-10
                        ysave[jj] = float(y._val)/L  # Undo fix-point
                yield clk.negedge
            favg = favg + abs(fft(ysave, Nfft)) / Nfft
            xfavg = xfavg + abs(fft(xs))/Nfft
        favg = favg / Nloops
        xfavg = xfavg / Nloops
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