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This page lists a number of MyHDL users and projects. The best thing you can do to support MyHDL is to add your project here and let people know about it! To make it easy to navigate to your projects, you can add the links to the sidebar page.

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Norbert Feurle

Jan Coombs

I am working on processor cores suitable for SoC use. Two have been translated from Verilog into MyHDL, these are:

James Bowman's j1 a Novix style stack engine which supports multiple instructions in each 16b code word.

Bernd Paysan's b16 which is derived from the work of Chuck Moore, and has been used in real silicon.

These processors are ideal for hardware exploration and debug using simple interactive tools. Potentially, the incremental software compiler and test environment can target the hardware, or the MyHDL model.

Actel/Microsemi Igloo Nano dev kit: MyHDL source available to access and play with LEDs, switches, and UART link on this low power board.

Please email me for more info.

Dillon Engineering

Dillon Engineering uses MyHDL in its verification flow. Read more about it here.

Thomas Traber

Christopher L. Felton

Guenter Dannoritzer

Jan Decaluwe

Jan Decaluwe is the creator and maintainer of MyHDL, and he uses MyHDL in his consultancy practice. He also writes about HDL-based design.

Jian Luo

David Brochart

David Brochart uses MyHDL in his open-source Turbo Decoder project.

David MacQuigg

Jean Demartini

Jean Demartini uses MyHDL to support a teaching course “Programmable Digital Processor Architecture” at the Engineering School of the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (ESINSA).

George Pantazopoulos

George Pantazopoulos has built an digital/analog hybrid synthesizer (codenamed the PhoenixSID 65x81) based on the Commodore 64's 6581 'SID' sound chip.

George has also released some open-source MyHDL IP cores, and has worked on an extension library to MyHDL.

George's personal page

Oscar Diaz

I'm working on a project called NoCmodel: MyHDL is used for verification and code generation.

EDA Playground

Run MyHDL simulations from your web browser. EDA Playground is specifically designed for small prototypes and examples.

MyHDL examples on EDA Playground:

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