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MIPS32 Assembler

Below is a Python implementation for an Assembler Compiler for the MIPS32 processor. It implements only a minimum set of Mnemonics that allows to create a program. Further down is a section that lists all the implemented Mnemonics. The implemented Mnemonics resembles those implemented in the MyHDL implementation of a MIPS32 Single Cycle processor, as posted on the MyHDL Mailing list in September 2010.

The program reads the source code from a file and creates a binary output in form of a text file that can be used to initialize ROM used with Xilinx ISE.

For help on the usage call the program with -h option:

> -h

Usage: [options] arg

MIPS32 Assembler

Compiles MIPS32 assembler code into machine code.

arg: text file with mips32 assembler mnemonic to compile. 
At the moment only one file is accepted. File can be avoided with -m option

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -m, --show-mnemonic   show the supported mnemonic and exit. Requires no
  -o OUT_FILE, --out-file=OUT_FILE
                        store the machine code in the output file.

  Output file specific options:
    -p PAD, --pad=PAD   pad the generated machine code to the specified length
                        with zero values. If e.g. the generated machine code
                        only needs 30 entries a '-p 32' will padd the file
                        with 2 zero values. Xilinx ISE e.g. requires all
                        entries in a ROM to be initalized. In case the machine 
                        code needs more space than specified by the pad 
                        option, a ValueError is raised, telling how many 
                        entries the machine code requires.

  Linker specific options:
    --data=DATA_ORG     specify the start of the .data segment. [default=0x0]
    --text=TEXT_ORG     specify the start of the .text segment. [default=0x0]

Input file format of source code

The file format of the source code is in the form:

[label:] [operation] [operands] [#comments]
Option Explanation
label: Text label that can be used as operand for jump commands. Needs to end with a colon ':'
operation Any of the below listed, implented Mnemonics
operands Operands needed for the used operation
comments Comments start with a '#' and the remaining text in that line is ignored by the compiler

Implemented Mnemonics


Required Python Module


Download the file.

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