From Python to silicon
from Utils import *
class Stack():
    The stack is a 32bit word stack, the stack is organized as
    32bit addressable values.
        0000:  xxxx_xxxx
        0001:  xxxx_xxxx
    def __init__(self, size=4096):
        self.size = size / 4    # Size in bytes, stack org'd in 32bit values
        self.mem  = []
    # @todo deprecate pushInt, popInt
    def pushInt(self, i):
    def popInt(self):
        return self.pop32()
    def push32(self, i):
    def pop32(self):
        return self.mem.pop()
    def readLong(self, addr):
        # if addr > len(self.mem) throw exception
        return self.mem[addr]
    def __str__(self):
        s =     'Stack Size......... %d\n' % (self.size)
        s = s + 'Stack Used..........%d\n\n' % (len(self.mem))
        s = s + 'Stack Dump:\n'
        s = s + DumpMem32(self.mem)
        return s
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