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To the memory of George

George Pantazopoulos has died on April 23, 2007, at the age of 29.

I have never met George, or spoken to him. So it goes with open source projects. You work together with people that you only know indirectly from their internet presence. The cooperation is informal, so you don't really worry when you don't hear from them for a while. Yet George's death, now that I found out about it, feels like a personal loss.

George must have the been the first one to do a complete project with MyHDL, from spec to hardware implementation and system test. To me this has been very important. It validated the concepts behind MyHDL. It showed that the tool and its documentation were mature enough for independent usage.

To complete such a project successfully, one needs exceptional skills. Of course George was technically very strong. But more importantly: he was open-minded and innovative, and had a can-do attitude. Above all he was passionate about his projects.

George was the kind of person that one would like to have in the team for any kind of venture.

I am keeping George's pages here like they were when he last edited them.

Jan Decaluwe
Jan Decaluwe 2008/06/29 03:53

I learned a lot from George - and I am still doing.

Time is an illusion.

George, I am glad that you are with me.

Thomas Traber 2008/07/01 02:14

Peace be to you, George. Your memory will live on, and your contributions will continue to inspire.

Brendan Rankin 2008/07/04 12:04

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